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Forthcoming event at Giacomo’s

On Friday 27th July, 2018, 1-3pm I’m having an opening reception at Café Giacomo, Dunfermline, to show the work that I produced during my recent residency there.  I spent time drawing and filming in the café last year and the resulting drawings, linocuts and a short film will be shown as an installation at Giacomo’s – the place to which it all relates.


‘Cafe Seating 1’ (2018), linocut, 33 x 23 cm.




2-person show at Lighthouse

8th – 24th June, 2018, The Lighthouse, Glasgow, G1 3NU.

TIME CONSTRUCTS – a collaboration between myself and Lincolnshire-based artist David Carruthers  We are each showing our independently made, architecture-related animated films, alternating on a continual loop as part of Architecture Fringe

Solo show at City of Glasgow College


A drawing project based on the educational architecture and related public art in the Townhead and Rottenrow areas of Glasgow – encompassing the period between the mid 1960s and the present day.  Ink drawings, produced on site, developed as a series of animated films, shown on the giant video screen in the City Campus atrium, with the source drawings displayed in nearby vitrines, allowing visitors to see the link between the drawings and the films.  Also on display – a book of risographic prints of the drawings, in an edition 100, produced especially to accompany the exhibition.


The Steeple Residency

Just started a two-week residency – supported by Wasps – in the flat and studio at The Steeple, Newburgh, Fife.  Making work about the building itself. An exhibition will follow at the Briggait, Glasgow, in 2018.

Giacomo’s, Dunfermline.

Currently making new work based on the very excellent Giacomo’s – a proper old-school caff that I have been going to for years.  The business changed hands recently and I thought I should get in there quickly and make some work – before there are any changes that might affect the ambience.  I’ve been in a few times to make drawings and shoot video.  Also researching the history of the café and the building that houses it.  Hope to interview customers and staff soon.  IMG_4463.jpg

The Pathfoot Building.

As of 19th September, 2016, I’ll be working as artist in residence at University of Stirling’s Pathfoot Building – a self initiated project made possible by a Creative Scotland grant.  I’ll be there two days a week for six months – making work that focuses on Pathfoot’s modernist architecture in relation to the art collection housed there, the surrounding landscape and the people who use the building.


13th November 2017 update: The show ‘Low-Rise, High-Function’ has been up since 4/9/17 and continues until 15th December.  Book is just about to be published – a selection of drawings.  Not really using this WordPress blog much now, having shifted news items to Instagram and Twitter.  Details of the show are on my site:

Film 1. In and around Pathfoot (4 mins 3 secs).

Film 2. Sarah Bromage’s high jinks (44 secs).

Film 3. Jane Cameron & soul payback (27 secs).

Film 4.  Animation of Bertoia chair (44 secs).

Weekly posts throughout the residency – please scroll down.

Week 29 (w/b 24.4.17).  The final week of the residency.  Sorry to be leaving – it’s been such an excellent experience working here.  What a splendid building.  I spent my last day – Sunday –  videoing Sarah Bromage roller skating through empty corridors – reliving her childhood in pathfoot.Skates.jpg

Week 28 (w/b 17.4.17).  Pathfoot’s deserted rear entrance during the Easter holiday.  BackEntry.jpg

Week 27 (w/b 10.4.17). Roof access ladders.  Black ink brush pen on cartridge.Vert-Homescan6.jpg

Week 26 (w/b 3.4.17).  View from staff room.  My studio centre bottom, behind tree.  View-from-kitchen-.jpg

Week 25 (w/b 27.3.17).  Watercolour of Crush Hall interior with Mary Martin mural.HS3.jpg

Week 24 (w/b 20.3.17).  Diagram of my proposed hanging mobile for above the stairs.Diagram.jpg

Week 23 (w/b 13.3.17).  Hepworth view.  Pentel brush pen on A5 cartridge paper.Heppp.jpg

Week 22 (w/b 6.3.17).  The radiogram that lives in E corridor.radiogram.jpg

Week 21 (w/b 27.2.17).  Original 1967 Pathfoot chair starred in animated film today.Orange.jpg

Week 20 (w/b 20.2.17).    Misty morning Hepworth. Reading week.  Quiet everywhere.Hep.jpg 

Week 19 (w/b 13.2.17).  Paolozzi bronze sculpture ‘Forms on a Bow, No. 2’ (1949).Pao.jpg

Week 18 (w/b 6.2.17).  Stairs flanked by foliage. The first thing I noticed at Pathfoot.Stairfoliage.jpg

Week 17 (w/b 30.1.17).  One of the views from Oscars.Top-view.jpg

Week 16 (w/b 23.1.17).  A Bertoia chair.  Standard Pathfoot office furniture in 1967. Bertoia.jpg

Week 15 (w/b 16.1.17).  The view from the side window of Oscars refectory. HomeScan1.jpg

Week 14 (w/b 9.1.17).  Mysterious stone in the woods behind Pathfoot.Mystery-Stone.jpg

Week 13 (w/b 12.12.16).  The courtyard outside the Art Collection office window.Courtyard.jpg

Week 12 (w/b 5.12.16)The bridge behind C corridor.Bridge.jpg

Week 11 (w/b 28.11.16).  The view that greeted me when I arrived the other morning.IMG_20161123_090139035.jpg

Week 10 (w/b 21.11.16)  Watched a wren hopping amongst the ferns this morning.Wren.jpg

Week 9 (w/b 14.11.16).  Working on various ideas…Blue-Suzy-tee.jpg

Week 8 (w/b 7.11.16).  Post-outdoor sketching session.  Chilly.  Came inside to thaw.IMG_20161107_103933311_HDR.jpg

Week 7 (w/b 31.10.16).  Hepworth aperture.spa272-copy.jpg

Week 6 (w/b 24.10.16).      “There were views all around…spa282-copy.jpg

Week 5 (w/b/ 17.10.16).  Dynamics of tree / building / black painted timber.IMG_20161020_154149729_HDR.jpg

Week 4 (w/b/10.10.16).  1968 article from UoS Archives.IMG_20161011_145829278_HDR.jpg

Week 3 (w/b 3.10.16).  Wavy mowing traces with grey roof strip.IMG_20160922_14.jpg

Week 2 (w/b 26.9.16).  Internal courtyards integrate architecture and landscape.Blog2.jpg

Week 1 (w/b 19.9.16).  1990’s front extension mimics adjoining 1967 architecture.Blog-aaa.jpg